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    How Tabitha Used PBP To Focus On The Profitable Aspects of Podcasting

    Tabitha Thomas is the Digital Media Director for Fearless Social and Host of the Digital Agency Insiders podcast. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her podcasting experience with leveraging Push Button Podcasts as the content-producing machine behind the Digital Agency Insiders podcast.

    Probing Agency Owners’ Stories Delivered Straight to Your Playlist on Demand via Podcasting

    Probing Agency Owners’ Stories Delivered Straight to Your Playlist on Demand via Podcasting

    What was the intention behind the Digital Agency Insiders podcast? The primary purpose was to probe and discover what success looks like for real agency owners across industries.

    What was the driving factor behind their digital agency? How were they able to grow and scale? What were some of the hurdles that they have overcome along the way? These were some of the typical topics we covered in each interview.

    Aside from that, one of the things I love to do is telling stories straight from our expert guests and to deliver these messages from our right to our audience — at their most convenient time. Now, what better way to carry that out than through podcasting?

    From a business perspective, the intent was to find the best people for our Digital Agency Insiders Program. It is an online community where digital agency owners learn how to start kick-off their businesses, how to attract and service customers, and how to grow their business. All that done from a coffee shop!

    The program helps them build, grow, and run their own digital marketing agencies and walk them through the steps to take when facing hurdles along their business journey.

    Now, podcasting has great benefits from a business perspective. However, Tabitha realized that all the recording, editing, and graphics takes a lot of time — it was a never-ending cycle. Long hours that should have been spent generating more business for the business.

    “We’re trying to reach certain accomplishments for the Digital Agency Insiders Program. However, we weren’t generating any income and I was spending a lot of time working on the podcast instead of generating more business for the business.”

    — Tabitha Thomas

    What Does it Take to Systematically Produce Quality Content?

    What Does it Take to Systematically Produce Quality Content?

    The work needed to consistently publish excellent quality podcast episodes across all platforms is never ending. If you have ever done even a bit of podcasting on your own then you know exactly what I mean.

    On top of The Digital Agency Insiders podcast, Tabitha and the rest of her team runs a business where certain milestones need to be accomplished. The podcast, on the other hand, is a terrific way to market that business.

    However, podcasting — in and of itself — does not generate any income. And yet, they were spending too much time working on the show! Everything from the recording, the editing, setting up the software and tools, preparing the graphics, and a lot more, were becoming overwhelming.

    Podcasting takes up time and talent that should have been used to generate more business for the business. But how do we translate the scope of work to produce podcast episodes for folks who haven’t done podcasting by themselves?

    Push Button Podcasts run multiple client shows as well as our own very own The HERO Show Podcast. We have noticed that it takes about eight to twelve hours of work to produce a single episode. It all depends on the level of skill your team has.

    A lot of people do not realize the massive backend work needed to produce quality content:

    • Audio Engineering
    • Video Editing
    • Graphic Design
    • Copywriting
    • Social Media Management & Promotion
    • Podcasting PR and Research
    • Calendar Management and Booking

    When asked how she felt about producing each episode, Tabitha said, “…it has probably been a year since you guys have been working with us… The minute I stopped working on the podcast by myself, I was able to breathe!”

    Tabitha’s struggle with podcasting came to a halt after onboarding with Push Button Podcasts.

    How Do You Make Podcasting Fun Again?

    How Do You Make Podcasting Fun Again?

    What is the Push Button Podcasts service and how did the podcasting experience change for Tabitha Thomas? Push Button Podcasts is a white glove service that carries out all the podcasting work past the “Stop Record” button. 

    Podcasting became fun again for Tabitha, “I know that sounds like an awful thing to hear from a podcaster because it is always fun. It is supposed to be fun! But when you work on the backend tasks for hours and hours, it begins to take all the fun away.”

    For interview-style podcasters like Tabitha Thomas, the best part of podcasting is having conversations with expert guests. This is the highlight of the day for Tabitha.

    “You get to meet different people who you think you wouldn’t have anything in common with in the world! But I always found something in common with every single person I ever interviewed. So, that definitely brought the fun back to podcasting,” said Tabitha when asked about conversations with her guests on the Digital Agency Insiders Podcast.

    But without all the backend work, these conversations would have only happened in a vacuum. So, in order for the content to be viable for business, 

    With Push Button Podcasts supporting Tabitha, she was able to focus on the conversations with guests on her show. And the rest of her team was able to prioritize the income-generating aspects of business.

    “Push Button Podcasts made podcasting fun again. I didn’t have to worry about the backend stuff, I could just have a conversation with the guests and record the interview. That was it!

    “My mind was free to be much more creative and focus on the actual income-generating side of the business.”

    — Tabitha Thomas

    Call To Adventure

    Are you a business owner who is interested in producing their own podcast for digital content marketing but lacks the time or talent pool to begin production? Then book a call with Push Button Podcasts TODAY! Visit us at and let us help you bring back the fun in podcasting!