Push Button Course Creator

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $299.99.

Unlock the full potential of your educational content with the Push Button Course Creator package.  Watch the video above to demo the course creator bot and see how it works.



Here’s what you will get to help you transform your expertise into a compelling course designed to have high student completion and success rates:

  • Access to our Course Alchemy Bot in ChatGPT: Unlock exclusive access through a GPT Plus Account, enabling quick and efficient transformation of ideas into structured course outlines for a streamlined development process.
  • 1 Hour Training Video with our CEO: Dive into the One-Day Journey Creation Framework with our CEO to enhance your course creation skills, ensuring your content is compelling and effectively tailored to your audience’s success.
  • Transcription Tool Recommendations: Utilize recommended transcription tools to easily capture and convert your ideas into a bot-friendly format, simplifying the course creation process from concept to content.
  • Google Document with Skeleton Outline: Benefit from a pre-made document template providing a structured outline and prompts for each course section, saving time and streamlining course organization.
  • MindMap of the One Day Journey Creation Framework: Employ a visual mind map of the course creation process to organize, adjust, and enhance ideas in real-time, improving both the creation experience and the educational impact for students.

Leverage the Push Button Course Creator to transform your knowledge into a high-value course with ease, engaging your audience and expanding your offerings with unparalleled efficiency.


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