Your Content. Your Expertise. Everywhere. That’s What We Do.

Our push button simple pricing model makes it dead simple for you to just show up once a week and record your expertise and then hand it all off to our highly trained content management team who will use our purpose-built Content Machine™ technology to make sure you show up everywhereall the time, for your audience with simple, regular invitations to join you further in the sales process.

Your Content M.A.C.H.I.N.E

Publishing Plans

*Introductory Pricing Good For Next 10 5 Clients

Push Button Launch

one time fee

Guided brand style guide creation to make sure every aspect of your CONTENT Machine is sending the right trust signal to your market. Consistency is king.

Show asset creation: Show logo, logo sting (animated logo), show cover art, & episode cover art all done by professional graphic designers to make your brand stand out among the crowd

Show intros, outros, and commercials with guided script builders, professional voice talent, and hand-crafted video materials to take your production quality to the next level

Custom content inbox & workflows in our proprietary app (with push or sms notifications), so you always know what’s next.

Content calendar showing you every piece of original and repurposed content with it’s status & publish dates. All with push button reviews/edits.

On-brand social media profile images and cover art for every social media platform where you interact all done by our crack team of professional designers. We want you to look good everywhere.

Mini Studio setup guide and a one-on-one video call with one of our video production specialists to help you setup your lights, camera, and microphone so recording content is easy and you always look and sound your best

Push Button Content Planner to help you generate an entire years worth of topic ides for content to feed your MACHINE in less than 1 hour of work

Push Button Content Outliner to help you outline every topic so you’re never staring at a blank page and you always know what to say to best connect with your audience… no matter the topic.

Push Button Publishing

monthly service after launch

You Record 1 Piece of Content Per Week. We do everything else:

We start by ripping the audio out of your recorded content piece and editing it for quality so you sound amazing.

Human made transcriptions of your content so we can create written assets for it and return it to you for any content repurposing your team might want to do with it

We secure all your files. Raw files, edited files, images, everything. We manage it so you don't have to

Transparent, interactive, and custom built content management dashboard for tracking and collaboration

Editing includes: intro, outro, commercials, lower-thirds, & major mistake removal so you look and sound like the professional you are

Professionally written Show Notes for each episode that breaks down major topics, resources, and links so your audience can get the most use out of each piece of content

Keyword research for titles, tags, and hashtags on various social platforms so your content can be found and discovered by your people

Human written titles, sub-titles, short descriptions, & content numbering

Customized social media description for episode announcements

Square grapic suited for Instagram, iTunes, your blog, and other social media platforms

Wide graphic suitable for Youtube Thumbnail, Twitter & Facebook posts, and more

Tall graphic suitable for Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook stories, and more

Full episode published to Facebook, Youtube, iTunes, & your website

Notifications sent to your email, sms, & bot lists

Push Button Podcasts Pays For Itself

by offering lifetime commission on referrals
Lifetime Commissions

The nature of our business means we go through a lot of prospects to find the right fit. This takes time, and we want you earning money as soon as possible, so we even pay a one-time referral fee on all Demo Calls booked.

We Pay On Everything
Professional Promos
It Only Takes A Few
We Even Pay For Leads