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Streamlining Podcast Post Production for Efficiency

Welcome back to The PBP.Fm Show! In this episode, I’m joined by Kevin Rundle, a seasoned podcaster, as we explore the often daunting world of podcast post-production. If you’ve been following our recent episodes, you know we’ve covered everything from building a content library to recording strategies. Today, we dive into the crucial next step: what happens after you hit stop on the recording.

Getting Started with Post-Production

So, you’ve got hours of recorded content. Now what? Post-production involves transforming your raw recordings into polished, shareable content. Kevin shares his experience of having six hours of great content that now needs editing, highlighting the cumbersome nature of this essential task. The key takeaway? Post-production can make or break your podcasting schedule, and efficiency is paramount.

Understanding the End Goal

To streamline your workflow, start with the end in mind. Our approach involves creating various assets from your raw recordings. These include:

  • A long-form YouTube video
  • An audio podcast
  • A written blog post
  • Short, daily social media content

Each asset has unique requirements, from video edits and audio cuts to transcriptions and graphic designs. Breaking these down helps us understand the comprehensive nature of post-production.

Siloing Your Tasks

We introduce the concept of “siloing” in post-production—a method of organizing tasks to reduce inefficiency. Instead of focusing on one platform at a time, we break down tasks into categories such as writing, video editing, audio editing, and graphic design. This way, you complete similar tasks together, speeding up the entire process.

1. File Management: Start by collecting all raw files and backing them up. Use transcoding software to reduce file sizes without compromising quality.

2. Transcription: Use tools like Descript to transcribe your recordings. This step is crucial for editing, so ensure accuracy by having a dedicated transcriptionist.

3. Writing Assets: Once transcriptions are clean, move on to writing titles, descriptions, and captions for all platforms in one go. This ensures consistency and saves time.

4. Video Editing: With all written assets in hand, your video editor can focus purely on editing without needing to switch tasks. This includes creating the final video, short clips, and necessary adjustments.

5. Graphic Design: Finally, create visual assets like YouTube thumbnails and social media graphics. With text and video clips ready, your designer can work efficiently.

Automation and Efficiency Tips

We discuss the importance of automation. For instance, you can automate file transcoding to save time. Additionally, setting up a project management system with clear checklists for each stage can keep you organized and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Conclusion: Make Post Production Manageable

Post-production doesn’t have to be a bottleneck in your podcasting process. By adopting these streamlined strategies, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce high-quality content. Join us in this episode for a detailed walk-through of our post-production siloing method, and start simplifying your workflow today.

To get the full scoop on streamlining your post-production process, tune in to the episode now! Your journey to more efficient podcasting starts here.

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