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Strategic Content Outlining for Successful Podcasting

In this episode of PBP.fm Show, I’m joined by Kevin, my recording buddy and content creation expert. Together, we explore the ins and outs of content outlining and how it can revolutionize your podcasting or content creation process.

Why Content Outlining Matters

Content outlining is a crucial step in creating engaging and structured content. It helps you stay on topic, know what to say when you hit record, and keep your content within the desired scope. By taking the time to outline your content beforehand, you can save time and ensure that your message is clear and concise.

The Key Components of a Content Outline

During our discussion, Kevin and I break down the essential components of a content outline:

1. The Hook: Grabbing your audience’s attention in the first 10-15 seconds

2. The Why: Engaging your listeners’ hearts and creating emotional buy-in

3. The How: Delivering on the promise of your topic and providing valuable information

4. The Now: Offering perspective, experience, and logical justification for your content

5. Calls to Action: Encouraging listeners to take action, both on and off the platform

We also discuss the importance of keeping your talking points concise and manageable, as the human brain can only hold a limited amount of information at once.

Adapting the Outline to Your Style

While the content outline provides a solid structure, it’s essential to adapt it to your unique style and personality. Think of it as the layout of a house—while certain elements are necessary, you can add your flair and make it your own.

Putting the Content Outliner into Practice

Throughout the episode, we use the content outliner to guide our discussion, demonstrating its effectiveness in real time. By following the structure and keeping our points concise, we’re able to deliver valuable information in an engaging and easy-to-follow manner.


If you’re looking to up your content creation game, this episode is a must-listen. By implementing the strategies and techniques discussed, you can streamline your workflow, create more impactful content, and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from two experienced content creators—tune in now and start outlining your way to success!

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