Leveraging Podcasts for Direct Sales: Strategies from The Hero Show

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    Have you ever wondered how a podcast could directly fuel your business’s growth? Let me share how The Hero Show did just that for Push Button Podcasts.

    Let me share how The Hero Show did just that for Push Button Podcasts.

    When I started The Hero Show, the goal was all about changing the narrative around entrepreneurship.

    We spotlighted founders and CEOs as the real-life superheroes they are, combating the villainous image often portrayed in media.

    This is still our goal and it’s the primary reason I do the show. I love this mission and wouldn’t be able to give it up. Entrepreneurs are HEROs in my mind.

    But here’s the twist: it took me years to realize this passion project could also be a goldmine for generating high-value leads.

    The revelation?

    A podcast isn’t just a platform for stories; it’s a powerhouse for direct sales.

    It took my mastermind group beating me over the head with this revelation and more than 150 episodes in before I figured this out.

    The next 100 interviews were worth multiple six-figures to Push Button Podcasts

    Untapped Potential

    Many entrepreneurs overlook the direct sales potential of their podcasts (me included).

    If you’re not using your show to foster sales conversations, you’re leaving money on the table.

    Imagine turning every episode into an opportunity to spotlight your services to high-value potential clients and strategic partners.

    That’s a game-changer.

    Building Genuine Connections

    The magic of podcasting lies in its ability to build genuine relationships.

    Through meaningful conversations, you’re not just creating content; you’re creating connections.

    These aren’t cold leads; they’re warm introductions to individuals who already know and value your mission.

    Leveraging Unique Value

    Every episode of your podcast can serve dual purposes: to provide immense value to your audience and to subtly introduce your business solutions to your listeners and your guests.

    This strategy transforms guests into leads, organically.

    Plus your podcast content will still be working toward turning your listeners into leads as well.

    It’s a double-whammy of awesomeness.

    Here’s How We Do It:

    Our process at Push Button Podcasts involves three key stages:

    • rapport building before the interview,
    • a strategic conversation during the show,
    • and a value-packed follow-up.

    We make sure the podcast is valuable on its own (KEY POINT), then layer in opportunities to introduce our services in a way that feels natural, not salesy.

    It’s about offering immediate value and listening for cues to solve real problems our guests face.

    1. Pre-Interview Preparation:

    • Rapport Building: Before the microphone even goes live, we dedicate time to connect with our guests.
      • This is where the groundwork for a meaningful relationship is laid.
      • We start with 15 minutes of pre-interview chat, focusing on understanding who our guest is and what excites them in their business right now.
    • Magic Question 1: “What are you working on right now that you’re excited about?”
      • This question allows the guest to share their passions, aligning our interest in promoting their ventures with their appearance on our show.
    • Magic Question 2: “Would you mind if I shared a bit about our company and what our main offer is in the marketplace, so you have a good context for how I’m coming to this conversation?”
      • This invites the guests to hear a soft pitch, showing them the value we can bring.
      • Sometimes, upon hearing our soft-pitch guests will immediately express interest in becoming a lead, showcasing the power of a value-first approach (and having a good offer in the marketplace where you can express the value in a quick elevator pitch)

    2. During the Interview:

    • Mutual Exchange of Stories:
      • The interview is crafted as a dialogue of shared stories and experiences, covering the Venn diagram of our domains of mastery.
      • This enriches the conversation, making it valuable for both the guest and the listeners.
    • Listening for Opportunities:
      • Active listening is crucial.
      • We identify any pain points, challenges, or goals mentioned that align with the solutions Push Button Podcasts can offer.

    3. Post-Interview Strategy:

    • Immediate Value Offering:
      • Post-interview, we provide immediate value based on the interview discussion.
      • Whether it’s a webinar, a planning session, or a checklist, we’re ready to offer solutions.
      • These resources are queued up in our CRM for swift sending.
    • Permission-Based Follow-Up:
      • We ask for permission before sending any resources, ensuring our offers are welcomed.
      • This step reinforces the goodwill we’ve built.
    • Setting the Stage for a Sales Conversation:
      • The debrief is an opportunity to discuss further how Push Button Podcasts can meet their needs, suggesting a follow-up call if there’s genuine interest.

    4. Follow-Up and Sales Process Integration:

    • The Bank of Good Will
      • This works because we have made this entire process about making deposits into the “Bank of Goodwill” with the guest.
      • 1st Deposit: Inviting them onto a podcast who’s value is readily apparent in the marketplace
      • 2nd Deposit: Asking them what they are excited about and making sure we touch on that in the interview
      • 3rd Deposit: Having a fun and valuable conversation during the interview that will make them look good in the marketplace.
      • 4th Deposit: Delivering immediate permission-based value in the post-interview conversation.
    • Seamless Transition to Sales:
      • The transition from podcast guest to potential client is smooth, benefiting from the goodwill and relationship built through the podcast.
      • 1st Withdrawal: Our approach ensures that when we make the ask, it’s seen as a natural next step rather than an imposition. We have built reciprocity with the value-first approach.

    Here’s How To Customize The Approach for Strategic Partners:

    For guests who are potential strategic partners, we focus on how we can bring value to their audience, instead of them personally during the Post-Interview stage, suggesting collaborations that could benefit both parties.

    We are looking for resources, webinars, courses, or stage talk ideas that would benefit their audience.

    The post-interview follow-up isn’t going to a sales call, but rather a “how can we collaborate” call and getting opportunities to be valuable to their audience onto our calendars.

    So, whether you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, integrating this strategy could significantly amplify your brand’s voice and open new channels for business growth.

    Let’s transform your podcast into a lead-generation engine.

    How are you using your podcast now to generate High-Value leads or High-Value Strategic partners? Does this approach resonate with you?

    If you don’t have a podcast, do you see how this approach might benefit your business?

    Let me know in the comments.