Company intro:

PushButtonPodcasts, a leader in Marketing Consulting and Podcast Production, invites you to join our vibrant remote team spanning Florida, The Philippines, and Mexico. Our ethos is centered around family-first entrepreneurship, offering flexible work schedules and a commitment to making a significant impact through our work.

Job description:

As a writer, you will be integral in crafting various written assets using advanced Generative AI tools like Chat GPT-4 and Clause 2.0+. This role combines creativity with technology, providing an exciting opportunity to enhance your digital content skills.

We are looking for a talented and versatile writer to create written assets for various podcast shows. This position offers a unique ‘Pay Per Outcome’ compensation structure. Typically, our writers manage 10 shows per week, with $40 paid per set of written assets for each show. As a new writer, you’ll start with managing 2-3 shows, shadowing an experienced writer, and gradually scaling up to 10-12 shows per week based on your capacity and goals.

Key responsibilities:

  • Create engaging headlines for podcast episodes.
  • Write descriptive and compelling content for YouTube and podcast episodes.
  • Develop medium-length show notes using provided templates.
  • Select and fix transcripts for short clips from episodes, ensuring clarity and brevity.
  • Write social media captions for each episode’s promotional posts.
  • Work with cutting-edge AI tools for content creation and explore opportunities to learn about AI in transcription and video editing.


  • A self-starter with a strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Comfort with remote communication and collaboration tools.
  • Enthusiasm for learning and applying AI technology in content creation.


  • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.


  • ‘Pay Per Outcome’ compensation: $40/set of written assets, approximately $400/week or $1600/month.
  • Flexible work hours with a fully remote setup.
  • Paid opportunities for professional development and continuing education.
  • A supportive, tight-knit team environment.


Fully Remote

Contact/application information:

To apply, share your passion for AI-driven content creation in a letter. Create your letter in a Google doc, set it to viewable for anyone with the link, and submit it via our Job Interest form. Please start your letter with “Penguin” to confirm your understanding of our unique culture and job requirements.

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Job Category: Writer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Fully Remote

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