How to Make Content Marketing Easy

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    Content marketing is the king of marketing today, but why is it so damed hard to do and do well?

    In the last video of this series we laid out 4 reasons why content marketing is difficult and many business struggle with doing it well.

    In this video we will be breaking down the primary way you can make content marketing an easy thing to accomplish in your business.

    In a word… it’s leverage.

    Watch the video to find out how we apply leverage to content marketing and make it easy.


    This is video 3 in “The Digital Alchemy Formula Series: Your Content Machine” where we are discussing how to build A Content Machine in your business.

    I’ll be showing you the same content marketing method I use myself that generates awareness for my business, grabs the attention of my target audience, and paints me as the go-to authority in my space.

    It’s same method I’ve been using with my clients for years to help them become the go-to authority in their respective areas.

    Once you start using it, it’s not uncommon for this to become the sole marketing effort you use that drives all the leads and sales for your business… All without forcing you to spend all your time on content generation instead of providing your primary products or services.

    This video series will be free for a limited time while I am producing it as a way for me generate interest and leads for the final premium course when it’s done.

    So, if you’re watching this video now on a public platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram TV, or iTunes then you are part of this beta creation process and as a thank you, I want to give you access to the premium Digital Alchemy Formula course while it’s being created, which includes exclusive content that will only ever be in the private course.

    If you want in on that, simply text the word ALCHEMY to 55444 and I will make sure that you both get every video in this series as I produce it and get access to the course on my Learning Platform for as long as I am in production mode. So with that let’s get into this video and learn “How To Make Content Marketing Easy”.