How It Works

You Record. We Do Everything Else.

Things You Do

Step 1

Record Your Podcast

This is your message. This is your passion. This is how you create a legacy. This is the part that only you can do. This is the reason you created a podcast in the first place. This is what creates authority, expertise, and credibility. This is the part that drives business. This is the part you love.


Things We Do


Step 2

Upload & Manage Files

The first thing we take off of your plate is the hassle of uploading and managing files. You don't need to worry about file uploads, file naming, archiving raw files, naming everything for easy retrieval later. Nothing. We handle all of it. Go ahead... go get a cup of coffee or something. You deserve it.

Step 3

Edit Your Podcast

This is tough creative work. We edit the audio for levels and clarity. We trim the beginning and it for a tight fit and finish. We add in your commercials, intros, outros and anything else you need. Hours of work for every episode taken off your plate and put onto our talented video & audio editors. What will you do with all that time?

Video Editing

Step 4

Transcribe Your Podcast

Search engines LOVE the transcriptions of your show. Makes it easy for them to find and index the content and therefore easy for your ideal audience to find you. But transcriptions... especially 100% accurate human transcriptions are extremely time consuming and difficult. Not to worry though... cause we do this all for you. Every time. No extra work on your part... all the extra benefits. You're welcome.

Step 5

Create Written Assets

You know you can't just record a show and be done with it, right? You have to write show notes, come up with a  title, perhaps a sub-title. That's at a minimum. Then you have website excerpts, YouTube Descriptions, iTunes descriptions, custom announcement text for every major social network... and that's just the beginning. Lots of writing to do. We hire talented writers to do all of this for you. So it gets done right... every time.

Graphic Assets

Step 6

Create Graphic Assets

Wanna know something annoying? Every single social media network has a different size image they need in order to share stuff on their network. iTunes cover is one size, Facebook image is another, YouTube Thumbnails are different, Instagram images. Every network needs something different and every network prefers images that are sized specifically for them. We make them all for you. Every size you need for every network your show is published or announced on. That's another couple hours of your life back.

Step 7

Quality Review of All Assets

Nobody like to see mistakes in their published work. We don't like it either. So we have members of our team that are dedicated to quality review. Before the publishing of every episode they double check all the graphics, all the writing, and all of the content of your show and look for any mistakes. We catch 99.9% of mistakes before they ever hit the real world... making you look like a rock star who has their game together.

Quality Review

Step 7

Publish Your Podcast

Publishing is one of the most time consuming tasks for your podcast. You have to know which major networks you want your full-length show on. You have to go to each place gather all the required images, videos, text, and more. Then you have to upload and wait around for it to finish. Then some places, like your blog, are dependent on the other places being published already so you can embed audio and video. Yeah... we handle all of this for you every time. Why don't you take all those extra hours and go do something special for yourself or your family. 🙂

Step 8

Announce Your Podcast

We all know that if you build it... they won't come. You can to let everyone know that your episodes are live. That's where announcements come in. So many networks, all with different assets they need. Images, text, links, embeds... some even require custom syntax that's unique to that network. You know you should be announcing everywhere... but who really has time for that? You do. That's who. Cause we do it all for you.

Quality Review 2

Step 9

Post Publish Quality Review

You didn't think we stopped at just one "quality review" phase did you? Nope, we go through and check on everything that was published and announced. A real human being will double check everything to make sure that any mistakes that made it through are rectified as quickly as possible. Remember... our goal is to make you look like a rock star.

Step 10

Guest Communication

Are you interviewing guests on your show? Interested in the "Halo" marketing that comes when they share and promote your show to their audience? Good. You should be. It's powerful stuff. You know what isn't good stuff? Gather all of the links and images together, loading them all up in an email, and sending it to your guest's every time and episode is published. That's takes time. Time you should be spending with your kids, your friends, or on your business. Don't worry though, cause we'll gather all this stuff up and queue up the email to send automatically from your email account to theirs. Automated authenticity. You're welcome.

Guest Commuincation