Show Note Writing & Transcriptions

Podcasters across the U.S. rely on Push Button Podcasts in helping them produce accurate transcriptions and write comprehensive show notes for their podcast episodes.

Because it takes too much time and talent to produce on the mark transcriptions, it is usually dismissed by most podcast producers.

At Push Button Podcasts, our writers get the chance to fully absorb your content through transcriptions. That makes transcription key in helping you develop high quality written assets such as Closed Captions (CC), Image Quotes for social media, Short Episode Descriptions, and Show Notes that are published along with each episode.
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Letter-Perfect Transcriptions

We meticulously and accurately turn your words into text. This is key in producing high quality written assets for your show and making your podcast accessible for people who rely on subtitles and transcriptions.
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Comprehensive Show Notes

We will produce detailed Show Notes for each episode and publish it on your website or favorite podcasting platform.
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Closed Captions

We will derive Closed Captions from the Transcriptions we produce so that people who rely on subtitles on screen may enjoy all the wonderful ideas you share on your podcast.
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Eye-Catching Image Quotes

We will derive Image Quotes from the Transcriptions we produce and pick eye-grabbing, high-value content and use that in our Graphic Asset production to help promote your show on social media.
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Check out some of the work we’ve done for our customers

Show Notes: The HERO Show EP124

Transcription: The HERO Show EP124

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PushButtonPodcasts is an always-on content creation and distribution company that makes content marketing frictionless and hassle-free for businesses. This means increased awareness, attention, & authority in your marketplace and for your products and services. All of which is geared toward driving more leads and sales through your door.

In this one-on-one live demo, you’ll get:

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We'll walk you through our process and show you exactly what we do for your business from beginning to end.
A first look at the our platform
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An intro to our referral program
We'll help you build a plan to have your PushButtonPodcast service pay for itself

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