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Watch This Short Video To Learn Our "Push Button Methodology" For Publishing Podcasts

Here's the tl;dr: We want to help you bring the joy back to your weekly Podcast by taking everything off of your plate except the part you love... Recording Your Content! Watch the video to see how it's done.

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Every Hour of Content You Record For Your Podcast... Creates 8-10 Hours of Work For You or Your Team...

...If you've been there, you know how soul crushing this can be to make sure each episode is edited, all the graphic assets are made, all the written assets are made... then to make sure it's published everywhere... and announced in all of the social media channels.

Especially when you just want to get your message out to the world and have your podcast supporting your business... Not taking so much time in your business. We get it. We've been there. We fixed it. You just do what you love, we'll do the rest.

We’re Looking For A Few More of Our Dream Podcasters Who Are Ready to Get Back to Doing What They Love... Impacting Lives

We’re looking for our next 3 podcasters who are sick & tired of all the excessive work that goes into editing, content & graphic creation, publishing, distribution, and social media announcements... podcasters who want to keep their show and get their life back.

If you run a weekly audio or video show for your business and you're ready to get all of that work off yours or your team's plate, click the button below and fill out our application and book a call so we can determine if PushButtonPodcasts is a good fit for you.

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About Richard

Richard is the founder of Push Button Podcasts whose goal is to help podcasters like you get their show out every week without having to worry about anything but recording the actual content.

Richard is the host of his own podcast, The HERO Show, and realized quickly that everything after hitting the "done record" button royally sucked and his show floundered for years because of that.

When he'd finally had enough he hired a staff and started developing proprietary systems and processes to make editing, content creation, scheduling, publishing, distribution, and social announcements as easy as pushing the "Stop Record" button on his show.

In the year that followed, he recorded and published more than 65 episodes of his show. Compared to just 4 the year prior.

When he shared his systems with some podcaster friends and they saw the power and begged him to build something similar for them... Push Button Podcasts was born.

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