Simple, powerful, podcast-powered content machines for brands who want to gain awareness, attention, & authority

White glove, full service post-producution, repurposing, publication, announcements, and promomotions done by a dedicated team of top creators. Reliable and affordable. Get seen everywhere now.

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Push Button Podcasts Promises It All


We do all the heavy lifting for audio and video editing on your original content so you don't have to


We create all the repurposed content you need: transcriptions, show notes, social media assets, and more..


We handle publishing your original content, repurposed content, and announcements to every major platform


We make sure your audience sees your content no matter where they are: email, sms, bot lists, social media, etc.


We can even create advertising campaigns that boost your content for larger viewership and more direct leads

We’re reinventing how business create and distribute content

PushButtonPodcast's unique subscription service combines top creators from around the world, with purpose-built technology to deliver a game-changing experience for you. PushButtonPodcasts is your one-stop-shop for all your businesses content marketing needs

Add a little leverage to your content marketing with our M.A.C.H.I.N.E. methodoly.

We build and maintain a complex content machine for your business that is so simple all you have to do is push the record button on your podcast a few times a month. We do the rest.
Miss En Place
A french phrase meaning "everything in it's place". Building a MACHINE is difficult and requires a lot of sophisticated moving parts.
If you’re going to do it well, then you have to start by prepping everything correctly.
You need your website, your cover graphics, your intro, outro, commercials, logo stings, writing templates, social media accounts, and more all setup properly and ready for your machine to go to work for you.
We handle all of this so you can just sit back and focus on creating your expert content.
Assemble Your Creation
Are you worried about what content to create? How you're going to create it? What you're going to say? How you're going to perform on camera?

Worry not. We have every step of the process templated and outlined for you with easy simple to follow steps so the process of assembling your content is very easy.

That's our goal... to make this content creation game simple and easy for you so it gets done and doesn't take away from other items in your business.

When we are done, you should be able to spend no more than 1-2 hours a month on content creation and we will handle everything else.
Coordinate Your Post-Production
This is where the hard work for us starts. We start at the very beginning and handle all of the content uploading, file management, and backups that make sure your content is safe, secure, and easy to find.

Then we get to work on video and audio editing to make sure you look and sound like a professional. We handle adding intros, outros, logo stings, commercials, and fixing any major recording errors so your final product looks amazing.

Next we get the titles, sub-titles, descriptions, show notes, and social media announcements written for your episode. We get the cover graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and other social media graphic created.

Basically we handle everything to get your content ready for publication so you don’t have to.
Harness Your Publication
This is where the you start to build attention. We take everything that was created in the post-production stage and start getting it published for you in the all the right places in the right way.

We get your full length videos up on YouTube, Facebook Pages, and Instagram TV. We get your full length audio up on Apple Podcast and the entire global podcast network. We get the show notes along with the video and audio embeds up on your website with transcriptions.

We do all of this so you are showing up in big three audience locations: Social Media (YouTube,Facebook, Etc), Google/Bing/Yahoo Search (with your blog), and Podcasting (Apple Podcasts and other podcast listening has outpaced radio and won’t be slowing anytime soon)
Increase Your Content
If you want to take your content machine to the next level, you can engage us for extra repurposing of your content beyond what we created in the original post-production step.

We can take your content and create square quote-able graphics that are perfect for sharing on many of the social networks and creating backlinks to your original content. We can also create headliner style video clips out of your full length content that have headlines, captions, and styled videos to capture attention and again drive backlinks and additional viewers to your original content. We can even take your content transcription and get it to one of our professional writer and turn the audio/video content into professional articles and blog posts for your website, Medium, and LinkedIn further cementing your expert status in your space.
Nail Your Promotions
If the organic growth of your content isn’t enough for you, the next step is to start engaging the promoted ad platforms for your content.

We follow a simple 3 Tiered structure for ads for your content that is designed to maximize the amount of engagement and new viewers your content creates and lead those new views to take actions in your sales process.

Tier 1 is a warm audience campaign. Every piece of content that we produce for you on Facebook & YouTube gets boosted for a small daily amount for a limited time in a way that’s designed to make sure your warm audience sees and has a chance to interact with your content.

In Tier 2 we take the content that has performed the best with your warm audience the best over the last month and start promoting it with a higher budget to cold audiences that are similar to your warm audience. This campaign is designed to use your best performing content like a butterfly net to capture more new viewers for you.

In Tier 3 we strive to take your viewership and turn them into subscribes, leads, and/or sales for you by making original direct response style ads that lead directly into one of the aforementioned actions and show those ads only to people who have engaged with a certain amount of your content, thus assuring they already know, like, and trust you to some degree and are more ready to take the next step.

And of course all of this is completely hands of for you and your business. You just sit back and reap the rewards.
Elevate Your Systems
This is the last step in our little description here, but really it’s the overarching principle we use to accomplish everything we’ve talked about so far.

We use a combination of human creativity and purpose built technology to build a powerful content machine out of your content.

Your input in just episodes you record for us once an month and the output is a veritable tsunami of well produced content that is published, announced, distributed, and promoted all over the internet in an intelligent way to get you the most awareness, attention, and authority possible in your niche. All without you having to lift a finger after you are done pushing that “stop record” button on your content.
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Push Button Podcasts Pays For Itself

by offering 20% lifetime commission on referrals
Lifetime Commissions
20% On Everything
Professional Promos
It Only Takes 5
We Even Pay For Leads
You earn commissions on referrals every month as long as your referral remains a client.
You earn 20% on any of our subscription levels. Referrals mean we have no customer acquisition costs, we pass that onto you.
We will produce professional promotional material for your podcast, video show, or website at zero cost so you can create reliable income with our referral program
With our 20% lifetime commission structure, it only take 5 successful referrals and your PushButtonPodcast subscription is completely paid for.
The nature of our business means we go through a lot of prospects to find the right fit. This takes time, and we want you earning money as soon as possible, so we even pay a one-time referral fee on all Demo Calls booked.

Your content is tracked in platform that is built for collaboration & transparency

See every episode and every piece of repurposed content and collaborate with our staff and your own teammates inside your custom PustButtonPodcasts dashboard

Podcast-powered content marketing helps you achieve the three A’s

Content marketing built to solve pressing and immediate problems for your target audience allows you to introduce higher level solutions they are willing to pay you for, thus driving leads and sales.


Awareness makes you visible. Without it your target audience can’t see you and doesn’t even know you exist. When they go out and start looking for solutions to their problems, if you don’t show up in their facebook news feed, their google search results, their podcast listening queue, or the many other places they might go... then you effectively don’t exist. PushButtonPodcasts helps you show up everywhere with very little effort on your part.


Attention makes them listen to you. It doesn’t matter what sell, be it BBQ Sauce or financial services, the business you are in is the Attention business. If you don’t take your target audience beyond awareness, grab them by the eyeballs, and demand their attention... you won’t be in business for long. Attention comes when your content, promising to solve their problems, consistently shows up where your audience is, when they are there, in a branded and memorable way. PushButtonPodcasts helps you get the attention you need by having high quality branded content everywhere you prospective customers are.


Authority makes them trust you. This is where you deliver the goods. You have earned their attention and now it’s time to earn their trust or go bust. You don’t get many shots at this. You either provide real world actionable value that proves to them you can actually help them or you lose their attention and you never gain their trust in the first place.
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"We have done a lot of content re-purposing in the past until we come on board with Push Button Podcasts. The service made it a million times easier for us."

Dr Ben Adkins

Co-Host of Digital Agency Insider
"Having Push Button Podcasts services made podcasting fun again. It sounds awful because it's always fun. But when you start doing all the backend, it starts to take a little bit of the fun away. After we hired Push Button Podcasts, I could just go and have a conversation with more people, and that just freed my mind to be a lot more creative in some other areas of the business."

Tabitha Thomas

Host of Digital Agency Insiders
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PushButtonPodcasts is a revolutionary way for businesses to get good content created & distributed at scale.

Trusted by e-commerce brands, small businesses, coaches, and podcasters, PushButtonPodcats makes content marketing push button simple by combining top videos/audio editing talent, designers, writers and project managers from all over the world, with purpose-built technology to build a powerful content machine for your business. Everything is designed to help your business build awareness, attention, & authority in your space so you can increase leads and sales. Since inception, PushButtonPodcasts has been a fully remote and distributed company based in Walnut, California, with a growing number of  employees working across 4 countries and many timezones.
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